Lucid Builder v4

Lucid Builder Exporting keys using LIF3

Applies to Matrix key projects

Lucid Builder Export Key Menu
Lucid Builder Export Key Menu.

To create a LIF3, choose Export Key from the File menu, click the browse button in the Export Key dialog, then in the Key Export file dialog provide a file name, select the LIF3 file type and click save.

Step 1.

Lucid Builder Export key dialog
Lucid Builder Export key dialog.

Step 2.

Lucid Builder Export Key File Browser dialog (LIF3 selected)
Lucid Builder Export Key File Browser dialog (LIF3 selected).

Step 3.

Lucid Builder Export Key dialog
Lucid Builder Export Key dialog file name and path specified. Click the Export button to complete the export process.

The LIF3 file does not contain the key’s media, only references to where the media can be found. Therefore if you need to transfer a LIF3 file to another computer you should also copy the media directories.


If the LIF3 file and media directories are moved to another computer it may be necessary to modify the reference to where the key’s media can be found on the new computer. You can do this by opening the LIF3 file in a standard text editor, searching "for media base_path", and editing the path name of the Media directory.

For example:

<media base_path="C:\program files\Lucid3\my key\Media">

Should be changed to:

<media base_path="{new_computer’s_path}\Media">

Where new_computer’s_path is the full path name including drive letter of the Media directory on the new computer.

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