Lucid Builder Tutorial

Tutorial Introduction

The following tutorials guide the user through the construction of a Lucid key using 14 species within the fungal family Hygrophoraceae – a family containing over 150 species of often highly colourful toadstools. Details of these 14 species (completed fact sheets and images) can be found under the ‘Tutorial’ folder of the Lucid Builder installation folder.

The intent of this tutorial key is solely to demonstrate operations of the Builder during simple key construction and as such it has restricted value as a taxonomic aid. Because the technical terms used in describing fungal structure may be unknown to many users, these have been discarded and replaced with currently accepted common names.


You can access further information about the functions in the Lucid Builder by consulting the Builder Help files - which can be found at the Help button on the toolbar. Or via the Lucid help website.

You can stop working on this tutorial at any point – but be sure to save your key before you shut down the Builder. When you restart, open the Builder, select Open Key on the toolbar and then open the Fungal key.lk5 or whatever you saved the key file as.

Tutorial 1 – Entering Entities and Features

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