Fact Sheet Fusion v2

Advanced Entity Options

Create scientific name topic from Entities

If your project is dealing with scientific names as your entities, then you will no doubt want the name (entity label) to be correctly formatted when exported.  Rather than relying on the Entity name label, which doesn’t support html tagging, the alternative is to create a topic that represents the entities formatted scientific name and use it in its place.

To save you from re-entering all the entities into a topic field and formatting them with italics Fact Sheet Fusion can do it automatically for you. From the ‘Entities menu…Advanced’ menu select  ‘Create scientific name topic for entities’ options.

Create scientific name topic from entities menu option

A topic called ‘Scientific Name’ will be created and for each entity Fact Sheet Fusion will create a formatted scientific name based on the entity label.

For example, if your project contained an entity ‘ Acartia tonsa’ it would add ‘Acartia tonsa‘ to its corresponding Scientific Name topic.



The 'Create scientific name topic from entities' option will not create a 'Scientific Name' topic if one already exists. If you've made a lot of changes to your entity labels and want to regenerate your Scientific Names, delete the 'Scientific Name' topic and then recreate it.

If you’ve made changes to your Entities list after creating your Scientific Name topic or are unsure if they are now out of sync, use the ‘Entities that no longer match Scientific Name topic’ report to look for differences.

Entities no longer matching Scientific Name topic report menu option

Scientific Name topic Entities differences report example
Scientific Name topic Entities differences report example

The differences can be manually edited in the ‘Scientific Name’ topic, especially if you have customized the topic text for many entities. Or the ‘Scientific Name’ topic could be deleted and recreated.