Fact Sheet Fusion v2

Importing Media

Media Manager

Import Media buttonImporting Media

The media import option is accessible via the Media Manager menu (Media…Import).

Import existing media via a CSV file. It is assumed the CSV file will contain a header row, which will be ignored when importing. The CSV column format is as follows:

[Entity Name], [Media Path], [Caption], [Photographer], [Copyright], [Comments], [Watermark Text], [Watermark Filename], [Review], [Exclude], [Sort Order], [Delete]

For example, the following rows are valid:

Entity one, C:\images\entity_one\ent1.jpg,frontal view,Joe Smith,Copyright 2017,Check this image.,Photo by Joe Smith,,FALSE,FALSE,1,FALSE

“Entity two”, C:\images\entity two\entity 2.2.png,Top view,,Copyright 2013,,,TRUE,FALSE,2,FALSE

Entity three, C:\images\ent3\e3_bottom_view.jpg,”Bottom View”,,,,Find a replacement image,”[EntityName] – copyright [year].”,copyright.png,FALSE,FALSE,3,FALSE

As you can see from the examples, each column must be present, even if empty. The columns must be separated via a comma when viewed in a text editor. When viewed in Excel each element is shown as a column, the comma separator isn’t shown within Excel and is not needed as a part of the column data. The columns can optionally be wrapped in double quotes to avoid escaping commas contained in field. The [Media Path] field must be the absolute path to the media item. The content fields can contain HTML tags. Any tags will be automatically cleaned; any tags outside of the body tags will be removed.

The Delete field, if set to ‘TRUE’, will delete the image within the entity category, if found. If creating a CSV for the purpose of removing media then only the Entity Name, Media Path and Delete fields need hold values. The Media Path value can contain only the media item’s filename.

For example:

Entity name example, entity_one_20191.jpg,,,,,,,,,,TRUE

Any errors occurring during the import process will be logged to the default FSF log file. 


You can quickly access the log file via the Help…About menu.