Fact Sheet Fusion v2

Backing up your Fusion Databases and Projects

Understanding the operation of the files and folders included in your Fusion databases and projects is very important, especially when it comes to backing up.

When you create a new Fusion v2 database a file will be created with an extension ‘.fusion2‘. Along with this database file a folder of the same name (without the extension) will also be created. Within this folder the media, watermarks and icons you have attached will be stored.

For example, if a Fusion database called “Pest Insects” is created in the folder “C:\temp”, the following will be created:

C:\temp\Pest Insects.fusion2
             \Pest Insects\


It is critical that both the database file and folder are backed up.

When backing up your work always ensure that Fact Sheet Fusion has been closed or that the database to be backed up is not open. To save space when backing up your Fusion Database and folder you can use a ZIP archive program such as 7Zip to compress the database and folder into a single file. See for more information.

Restoring a Backup

If you need to restore a backup edition of your Fusion database, just copy the database file and corresponding folder to their new location.


It is recommended that you don't copy a restored edition over the top of an existing, older edition of the database and folder as this may leave unwanted media in the database folder.

Fact Sheet Fusion v2

Fusion Databases

A Fact Sheet Fusion database can hold one or more projects. The Fusion database is where all projects and their related information such as topics, entities and settings are stored. Only media attachments such as images are not stored within the database. A Fusion database (version 2) will have a file extension of ‘fusion2’. You can create as many Fusion databases as you need.

Note: Fact Sheet Fusion can not directly open a version 1 database (.fusion). If you have an older fusion database you must import it into a Fusion version 2 database. See importing databases.

Below is a screen shot of the Fact Sheet Fusion Database interface (dialog). It currently shows no recently opened databases.

Open Fusion database dialog
Open Fusion database dialog showing no recently opened databases.

New Fusion database button

Creating a new database

To create a new database click on the create database button. You will then be directed to select a destination folder and to type in a database name. Once the new database has been created the Project’s dialog will appear.

Open an existing Fusion database button

Opening an existing Fusion Database

If you have an existing database (.fusion2) that is not listed in the recently used list, you can use the Open Database button to browse and select the desired database. Once a valid database has been selected the Projects dialog will appear.

Recently Used databases

Once a database has been opened it will be added to the recently used databases list. This will be shown when the Database dialog is opened again. To select a recently opened database in the list double click on the row containing the database. A recently opened database is shown below.

Fusion database selection dialog showing a recently used database
Fusion database selection dialog showing a recently used database