Fact Sheet Fusion v2

Main Toolbar

Fact Sheet Fusion main toolbar
Fact Sheet Fusion main toolbar

Preview buttonPreview

The preview button automatically exports the selected entity as a fact sheet using the current export settings. Once the export has completed, the fact sheet will be loaded into the default web browser or PDF reader (depending on the export output type). If the minimum export settings have not yet been entered the export dialog will be automatically opened. The export settings then need to be adjusted before the preview can be completed.

Export buttonExport

The Export button will open the Export dialog allowing you to adjust the various export settings and perform a full export your fact sheets. See the Export help topic for further information on exporting fact sheets.

Glossary buttonGlossary Manager

The Glossary Manager button opens the Glossary Manager dialog allowing you to enter glossary sets, terms and definitions for your fact sheets. See the Glossary Manager help topic for further information.

Media Manager buttonMedia Manager

The Media Manager button will open the Media Manager dialog where you can add, edit and remove media associated with the fact sheets. See the Media Manager help topic for further information.

Watermark Manager buttonImage Watermark Manager

The Image Watermark Manager button opens the Image Watermark Manager dialog where you can manage the image watermarks and their default settings for your project. See the Image Watermark Manager help topic for further information.

Fact Sheet Fusion v2

The Fact Sheet Fusion Interface

Main Fact Sheet Fusion Interface without data
Main Fact Sheet Fusion Interface without data

Components of a fact sheet

A fact sheet is usually comprised of headings, text and multimedia. Fact Sheet Fusion is designed to create standardized fact sheets; by this we mean that each fact sheet has a similar look and feel in its design and each fact sheet is built using a common set (or subset) of topic headings.

To develop a Fact Sheet Fusion project a list of topic headings is entered along with a list of entities*. For each entity, text is entered for each topic heading, and these topic headings, along with corresponding text, are integrated for each entity when being transformed into the final fact sheet.

* An entity is the object for which the fact sheet is being created. An entity can be anything such as an insect, fish or plant species, a medical disorder, or any other series of objects that are described according to specific topics.

To make a fact sheet more informative images, and other media (videos, sounds, PDF, Office documents) can be linked to entities. These images are then included with the text at the time of fact sheet creation.

The presentation and structure of a fact sheet is determined by the specific template the user selects. The template dictates every aspect of the fact sheet such as the layout, color scheme, the positioning of topics and images, font sizes etc.

See Templates help topic for further information.

For help on the elements of the main interface see:

Closing the Main Editing Interface

Closing the main editing interface will return you to the databases available projects. From there you can elect to open another project or open a different database.