Lucid Player v4

Lucid Player – Finding the Best Feature – The Best Function

Once one or more States have been chosen and the list of Entities Remaining has been reduced, some Features may be more useful for the next step in the identification process than others. For example, some Features may be scored the same for all Entities Remaining, in which case choosing a state of that Feature would not contribute to the identification.

Lucid has a Best algorithm for determining which is the best Feature to address at any stage during an identification session. In general, a Feature that would, on average, cause the list of Entities Remaining to be halved is a good Feature to address.

Find Best will determine which is the best feature to address next, and jump to and open that Feature in Features Available.

Find the best feature to address next by clicking the Best button Best icon on the toolbar.

If the list of Entities in Entities Remaining changes after choosing a Feature as suggested by Best, it may be worth clicking the Best button again to recalculate the next best Feature to address.

Best can be automated, so that it is recalculated after each Feature is addressed. Choose the option Automate>Auto Best from the key settings page, if one has been provided.


If you need to choose several states from one feature when Auto Best is on, hold down the Control key when choosing the states – Auto Best will be paused until the Control key is released.