Lucid Builder v4

Lucid Builder Automatic backup of key data files

The Lucid Builder now creates a series of back files (or snap shots) of the key data each time you open a key.

The builder will keep a maximum four versions of your key data (the latest versions), older versions being deleted. These backup files can be found in the keys Data folder. Each snap shot of a data file has the same file extension. For example:

Current in use data files have the following extensions:


Backup data sets have the following extensions:




If you do need to recover to a prior back up set ensure the following:

  1. The Builder is closed.
  2. Back up the “in use” data files to a safe location (e.g. network drive or backup device).
  3. Remove or delete the in use data files (e.g. the files without the .bak extension).
  4. Make a copy of the desired back set in the Data folder and remove the .bak file extensions.


Ensure you only use the related back set files.


Lucid’s automatic backup sets of data are not a total backup solution for your key data. You should always back up all your key data and media on a regular basis, preferably to an alternative storage location. If unsure, please talk to your systems administrator about how to implement an adequate backup strategy.