Lucid Builder v4

Lucid Builder Setting properties for the key

General properties for the key are set using the Key properties tab at the left of the main panels.

Lucid Builder Key Properties panel
Lucid Builder Key Properties panel

Key Title

The Key Title should provide an appropriate, short, one-line name for the key, such as Key to Mangroves of AustraliaFly Families of the World or Common Diseases of Rice in South-east Asia. The key title is displayed as the header for the key window when the key is played in the Lucid Player.

Note that the title of the key is independent of the file name that is used to save the key. However, it will often be found useful to use the key title also for the file name, to help locate the key quickly on a hard drive or other storage.

Key Description

The Key Description provides a place to record any details about the key that may help you when you next open the key, or when you distribute your key to another party. Key Description may, for example, contain details such as the key’s purpose, target audience, limitations, version number and date etc. The information in Key Description is not published with a compiled key.

Key Authors

Key Authors provides a place to record authorship and authorship details (such as email addresses etc). The information in Key Authors is not published with a compiled key.


You can enter basic HTML tags within the title, description and author text areas. This information can be used as a part of the key deployment process, if you elect to have the Lucid Builder create a home page for the key.

If you would like an introduction to HTML basics take a look at