Lucid Player v4

The Lucid Player Toolbar

Lucid Player Toolbar
Lucid Player Toolbar.

Refresh/Restart icon Restarting a key

At the end of an identification click the Restart Refresh/Restart icon button to reset the key for another identification. All features will be unchecked and the Features Chosen and Entities Discarded windows will be emptied.

If the subset option ‘Retain selected subsets on key restart?’ is unchecked, the Player will be restarted using the selected subset defined by the key author. If this option is checked, the key will restart using the current feature and entity subsets.

Lucid collapse tree icon Collapse Tree

When Features or Entities are arranged in hierarchical trees the open nodes can closed (collapsed) using the Collapse Lucid collapse tree icon button. See Expanding and Collapsing tree items.

Lucid expand tree icon Expand Tree

When Features or Entities are arranged in hierarchical trees the closed nodes can opened (expanded) using the Expand Lucid expand tree icon button. See Expanding and Collapsing tree items.

find/search icon Search

Find Features, States or Entities using the Search find/search icon button. The search function operates within the selected panel (Features Available, Features Selected, Entities Remaining or Entities Discarded). See the Finding Features, States and Entities help topic.

Feature thumbnail icon Toggle Feature Thumbnails

Show or hide the Feature and State thumbnails within the Features Available and Features Selected panels. 

Entity Thumbnail icon Toggle Entity Thumbnails

Show or hide Entity thumbnails within the Entities Remaining and Entities Discarded panels.

Lucid Player Subsets icon Subsets

Filter the key with Subsets provided by the key author. Subsets can be for Features or Entities. Use them in any combination you prefer.

Best icon Best

Find the ‘Best‘ Feature to choose at any point in the identification. If you can’t answer the recommended ‘Best’ Feature, click again to find the next ‘Best’ Feature to answer. Using the Best option is the fastest way through the key to arrive at an identification. The ‘Best’ feature is recalculated after each choice you make.

Prune Redundants icon Prune Redundants

Removes any Features and/or States that no longer have an impact on the Entities Remaining list. For example, the remaining Entities may all be scored the same for a given Feature. Choosing States from this Feature wouldn’t differentiate between the Entities. Pruning redundant Features optimises your use of the key. See the Prune Redundants help topic for more information.

Differences icon Differences

Compare the differences between remaining Entities. The Differences function will help you determine an identification between closely related Entities.

Shortcuts icon Shortcuts

Quickly find powerful Features, based on the Entities Remaining, that when selected may reduce the possible Entities to a single item or just a few. If you can’t answer the recommended ‘Shortcut’ feature, click again for the next most powerful Feature. See the Shortcuts help topic for additional information.

Why Discarded icon Why Discarded

Determine why an Entity was discarded. See the Why Discarded help topic for more information.

Help icon Help

This opens the help documentation you are reading now.