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Can I delete my AI Project and create another?

Yes, you can. Please note there is no undo when deleting a project.

Can I give other users access to my AI project?

This depends on your licence and how many separate users are allowed. If you need grant access to more users please contact your licence administrator or contact Lucid support.

Can I still use my AI if it’s retraining?

Yes. The current AI is still available to use while retraining. Once retraining has been completed the AI will be automatically updated.

Can I train my AI more than once?

Yes, definitely! You can retrain your AI whenever you want (if it’s not already training). We highly recommend building your AI iteratively.

Do I need to apply at least one region to every image within a category?

No. Not all images need to have a region applied. It doesn’t matter if an image has any regions. It will be ignored in the training process.

Do I need to be logged in while my AI trains?

No. You only need to be logged in to initiate the training session, after which you may logout if you wish.

How long will it take for my AI to train?

This depends on a number of factors such as the number of Entity labels and defined image regions, along with the current service load. If your AI is only training on a few thousand image regions then the time needed may be less than an hour, while training on tens of thousands of image regions may take several hours. You will receive an email notification once your AI training has completed.

If I delete my AI project will this delete my Media Store?

No, the Media Store and the images it contains will not be deleted when an AI project is deleted.

Is there a way I can tell how well my AI is recognizing my Entity labels?

Yes. Use the ‘AI Examination’ tool on an Entity label folder within the Regions area. All the image regions will be examined by your AI. It will record its recognition status against each. You can then use the search filter tool to view all images containing unrecognized regions. Click on the images to view the regions, then click on the individual regions to see the results. You can also upload individual images to the AI for recognition, in a similar way end users may interact with it.

What is the minimum and maximum number of image regions per Entity label needed?

The minimum number is five (5) image regions, but in most cases, you will need more for better recognition results. We currently haven’t put an upper limit in place for images, however for reasonable recognition results you’ll need anywhere from 20-150+ image regions per entity label. More images (e.g., 50+) may be required if your entity label is covering something broad such as a whole plant (i.e., not just the flowers, leaves or fruit of the plant). It also depends on how flexible you want the submitted photography to be for recognition. For example, different viewing angles and differing states of the plant may be allowed, rather than just a single view and state type. More images may also be required if your entity labels are very similar looking. It’s also important have a reasonable balance of image regions across your Entity labels, otherwise the AI may give more weight towards the label(s) with the largest training set.30

What is the minimum number of Entity labels I need before I can train the AI?

You need a minimum of two entity labels. Don’t forget each entity label also needs a minimum of five (5) image regions associated with it.