Lucid Builder v4

Lucid Builder Attaching media to items in the key

Features and Entities in Lucid keys can be provided with images and web pages, to help users and provide further information about the items. For example, Features and States may be illustrated with images and notes to help users understand the terms involved, and Entities may be provided with web pages including images, descriptions, notes on ecology, distribution etc.

Valid multimedia items are:

  • Images in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats, and URL references to images on the Internet.
  • Web (html) pages, URL references to web pages on the Internet and PDFs.

(Note that video and sound multimedia are accommodated in Lucid via the web page attachments.)

The Media tab to the left of the main window provides access to the Media Panel. This panel allows the user to attach all multimedia to items in the Features and Entities trees.

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