Lucid Builder v4

Associating entities with leads (scoring your pathway key)

In a completed pathway key, every lead will either lead to another lead, or to an entity. No lead will lead nowhere, and no lead will lead to two or more entities.

To begin associating entities with leads place the Builder into score mode by clicking on the score toggle button.

Pathway key score mode toggle button
Pathway key score mode toggle button

When score mode is enabled, four entity window options will appear.

Lucid Builder pathway key score mode example
Lucid Builder pathway key score mode example

Assigning entities to leads can be done at any stage of the keys development. That is you don’t need to wait until you have completed the entire pathway.

Entities that haven’t yet been assigned to a lead will appear in the ‘Unassigned Entities’ list. To assign an entity, simply click it, then drag and drop it to the selected couplet lead entity list (top score list).  More than one entity can be selected and moved at once. Use the Ctrl (individual selection) or the Shift key (contiguous selection) to make your entity selections, then drag and drop to the selected couplet lead entity list. 

Assigned entities for either the selected lead or other lead(s) can be unassigned by selecting them, then drag and dropping them back to the Unassigned Entities list. It is also possible to move entities from the selected lead to the other lead(s) list and vice versa.

There is no need to score entities to every lead in the pathway, you can simply assign the entities to end leads, if preferred. Or to a preferred lead in the pathway as the key develops.

The key does not need to be completely scored before you can try it out in the player. In the event where the key has unassigned entities, these will be excluded from the key when played. When playing the key, and couplet leads that do not have any assigned entities will be shown in the Entity lists (Entities Remaining or Entities Discarded) as “INCOMPLETE KEY – ‘<lead text>‘ “. Entities should be assigned to these leads for your key to be considered complete.